Anethole Oil

We are the prominent Manufacturers and Suppliers of Anethole Oil. Anethole is an organic compound that is widely used as a flavoring substance. From the chemical perspective, it is a phenylpropene, a type of aromatic compound that occurs widely in nature, in essential oils. Anethole Oil is a colorless fragrant mildly volatile liquid. Anethole is only slightly soluble in water but exhibits high solubility in ethanol.

  • Appearance : Yellow - brown, mobile liquid.
  • Color : colorless/ white.
  • Odor : Fresh powerful, lemony
  • Relative Density : 0.890 @ 15°C
  • Refractive Index : 1.472 @ 20oC
  • Flash Point : +94oC.

Packaging Available In
  • 5kg
  • 10kg
  • 25kg
  • 180kg

  • Used in alcoholic drinks.
  • Used for seasoning and confectionery applications, oral hygiene products, and in small quantities in natural berry flavors.
  • Anethole Oil has potent antimicrobial properties, against bacteria, yeast, and fungi.
  • Anethole Oil also is a promising insecticide.